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Are you ready for change?

Change Readiness Assessment

Whether you’re implementing a new system, restructuring your business or fundamentally changing the way you interact with your customers, an important first step involves determining the readiness, willingness and ability of your business to undertake and implement the proposed changes.

A change readiness assessment investigates seven ‘success factors’ in order to identify key challenges to the success of the project and help you develop ways in which to address these challenges early on.

Success factors include:

  • A compelling case for change
  • A clear and engaging vision for the future
  • Committed leadership and active sponsorship
  • A culture that supports new behaviours and ways of working
  • Effective communication and active involvement
  • The right skills and capabilities
  • Strong planning and execution

A change readiness assessment will allow you to:

  • Measure the current readiness for change within your business
  • Identify opportunities for proactive risk mitigation based on fact-based analysis rather than hearsay
  • Focus your change management effort
  • Identify key areas of resistance
  • Establish a baseline to measure change management effectiveness over the life-cycle of the project

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