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Building internal change management capability

The Challenge

Over a period of three years, we worked with this client to develop their capability to lead and manage change internally.

The Solution

Before running a change management training intervention, it was important to work with the client to agree on a framework and methodology along with the roles and responsibilities for managing change within the business This was key to ensuring that the learnings from training would be reinforced back in the workplace.  Once this framework was established, we developed and facilitated a tailored five-day training course to upskill change agents across 52 locations in Southern Africa. We have subsequently worked closely with the change agents and other role players to guide them through the change process on several strategic business projects allowing them to put theory into practice. 

To develop an effective change agent network, identify employees that have the personality and skills to champion the change.


Key deliverables included:

  • A change management framework including  roles and responsibilities for managing change within the business 
  • A five day change management training workshop and associated materials
  • A change management Toolkit
  • An established Change Agent Network

The Outcome

Our efforts over the last few years have generated promising results and the structures and capability are now in place for the business to lead the change effort with minimal support.