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Communication campaign to reinforce strategy

The Challenge

Following an organisational review, our client wanted to reinvigorate their organisational culture and shift it to one that fostered openness, inclusivity and collaboration. Within this shift, the focus was to remain on results, however, emphasis was to be placed on harnessing the potential of people and engaging them on the journey to achieving outcomes.

The Solution

Change Lab facilitated clarity and understanding of the desired culture shift by successfully developing and implementing a targeted communications strategy and plan. This was underpinned by a fun and engaging communications campaign aimed at aligning leaders and encouraging engagement. 

Developing a variety of appropriate communication channels that engage employees in meaningful dialogue will facilitate a shared understanding of the future, and buy-in to a new culture.  


Key deliverables included:

  • A targeted communications strategy focused on encouraging dialogue and action
  • An engaging campaign entitled “What’s Cooking?” to encourage increased leadership visibility and awareness
  • Team engagements aimed at encouraging involvement and ownership 
  • Executive workshops to facilitate alignment

The Outcome

Our strategically aligned and engaging communications strategy and campaign was successful in achieving awareness, buy-in, and commitment to the new culture and established a solid foundation for a successful culture change.