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Key considerations for your digital transformation journey

Today, every business is affected by the digital revolution. It is disrupting supply chains, changing customer behaviours and creating new opportunities for employee engagement. Businesses that embrace digital transformation can create new sources of competitive advantage, while those that resist it are at risk of being left behind by more agile competitors.

New technology is often the catalyst for digital transformation as it provides the essential infrastructure to enable it. But technology on it’s own can’t deliver the level of digital experience that will win in the age of the customer, neither will it get far in transforming your business to meet the needs of the future. Here are some key questions to consider when formulating your digital vision along with a strategy to achieve your objectives:


  • Why do you need to change? Do your leaders understand what digital means for your business and buy into it’s importance for your future success?
  • Do you understand your customer needs, key external trends and your internal challenges and opportunities?
  • Do you have a clear and motivating vision of what your digital future looks like?

“88 % of companies are going through digital transformation, but only 25% know why” Brian Solis


  • It is possible for everyone in the company to take part in the conversation around digital transformation?
  • Do your employees understand and buy into the ‘what’s in it for me’?
  • Are there adequate opportunities for key stakeholder to get involved in developing and testing your digital solution as it takes shape?

Skills & Capability

  • Do you have a capable and ‘fit’ team, equipped with the right tools and skills to drive the digital transformation?
  • Are your training efforts aligned to your digital strategy?
  • Do your people have cross-functional knowledge of both technology and the business?
  • Who will lead the change? Do you need a Chief Digital Officer? What will the responsibilities of your senior team be? How will you ensure that governance roles and responsibilities are clearly defined?

Ways of Working

  • Will your current organisational culture support digital ways of working?
  • Are your employees empowered to work together in new and innovative ways in order to solve problems and capitalise on new opportunities?
  • Is your organisational structure aligned to your digital vision?

At the Change Lab, going digital means much more than installing a new system or building a great online interface. It requires fundamentally revisiting your customer proposition, your primary processes, the roles in your organisation and even your work culture. We work closely with our clients to define, share and deliver targeted digital transformation strategies focused on developing a clear and compelling vision, engaging your people in the benefits of change, managing resistance, anticipating risks and building the capability required to achieve their vision.

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