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Embedding a new target operating model

The Challenge

In 2019, we supported a leading financial services firm to implement changes to the operating model for a team of 30 operational support staff. This project constituted significant changes to the structure, roles and ways of working of the team.

The Solution

Completing a series of stakeholder interviews along with a detailed change impact assessment was critical to understanding the impact on roles, processes and ways of working along with specific areas of resistance. We used the findings from this initial review to put forward several recommended actions including running a series of team workshops to clarify new roles, processes and ways of working.  

An initial ‘Discovery’ phase, including stakeholder interviews and a change impact assessment, will provide a solid foundation for your change management strategy. 


Key deliverables included:

  • Change impact assessment and recommendations
  • Role clarification and process workshops
  • A toolkit to help teams implement the changes 
  • A survey to measure adoption

The Outcome

Our consultative and structured approach helped teams effectively navigate this change and supported buy-in to the new structure, roles and ways of working with limited disruption to operations.