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Facilitating technology-enabled transformation

The Challenge

Our client embarked upon an ambitious change programme to transform how they offer products and services to their customers. Their new offering was underpinned by a custom-built online platform as well as new processes and ways of working, all of which constituted significant change for thousands of people across Southern Africa. The Change Lab was engaged to help facilitate greater alignment and integration across the wide range of impacted stakeholder groups.

The Solution

We set out to establish a structured approach to managing change across the impacted business areas. This included working with a team of change managers to develop an integrated change management strategy that established roles and responsibilities and key activities along with a clear governance structure and status reporting. We also created a toolkit of change management and communications tools and templates to encourage a consistent and integrated approach to managing this large-scale change. 

For the best results consider a structured approach to change, one that is both practical and grounded in change management principles.


Key deliverables included:

  • An integrated change management strategy
  • An informative intranet site to share information about the programme
  • A manager’s toolkit and transition plan to help managers lead their teams through the change
  • A series of ‘how to’ videos explaining the new online platform and processes
  • An interactive good practice guide to share knowledge and guidance on the new process 

The Outcome

Although the structured approach was met with some initial push back, it proved to be invaluable in creating a recipe for managing the change across the different business areas. Lessons learned were actively shared and used to improve upon the approach.