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Implementing an HR Shared Services model

The Challenge

As part of a wider HR transformation programme, our client set out to implement an HR Shared Services (HRSS) model. This  included the implementation of a Service Centre and supporting technology to reduce the administrative burden on the HR teams.  

The Solution

The Change Lab scoped a roll-out approach that enabled the central HRSS team to build the capability internally to deliver the new service, while simultaneously enabling regional HR teams to manage the transition to new ways of working. This involved working with regional HR teams to develop tailored change management plans and providing tools and templates to help them manage the change locally. 

For faster and better change results, turn hindsight into foresight by capturing lessons learned as you roll-out the solution. By doing so, you are not only able to adjust your planning, but you can also take advantage of key learning opportunities and further develop your organisation's change methodology and best practices  capability. 


Key deliverables included: 

  • Tailored change management plans
  • Transition toolkit and checklist to help guide the teams through the change
  • Framework
  • Adoption surveys
  • Project communications plan and materials

The Outcome

Over a period of nearly two and a half years, the project team engaged over 125 HR practitioners at 42 locations across South Africa and successfully implemented the HRSS model. Key senior stakeholders commented that due to the considered approach, it was one of the best projects implemented to date.